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Luxurious Shampoo Set

Luxurious Shampoo Set

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“The cleaner you keep your lash extensions,
the longer they will last.”
Keep your eyelashes clean, free of debris and dirt. Eyelash extensions should be cleaned daily with an eyelash shampoo and cleansing brush, patted dry, and then brushed with a handheld blower while drying.
If the eyelashes are not cleaned, buildup becomes visible and infections such as blepharitis can be caused. Avoid this at all costs!
Cleaning your eyelashes daily will help your eyelash extensions last longer!
Suitable for sensitive skin.
Gently and effectively removes dirt particles and make-up residue from the skin.
With provitamin B5 and allantoin, the skin does not dry out and improves its feeling of well-being.
Suitable for everyday needs.
Without perfume, alcohol, parabens, paraffins and mineral oils.
Contents: Vegan eyelash shampoo including cleaning brush

Contents: Vegan eyelash shampoo incl. 2 cleaning brushes, 1 eyelash brush, 1 small towel, 1 water bottle & 1 fan (incl. battery & USB cable)

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